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A court battle was on for high stakes between two poker players of wealthy status which heated up on Wednesday. The lawsuit has been on since summer and a counter claim was put in on Wednesday. Matt Kirk, a poker pro of Australian origin, put in a claim of two million that he states that a casino owner, Leon Tsoukernik owes him. He claims that the amount was loaned by him to Leon in late May at Aria casino on the famed Las Vegas strip.


At the court the judge stated that allegations about gambling debt were not enforceable, but Kirk wanted to pursue the claims under unjust enrichment and fraudulent inducement. It is ironical that Tsoukernik had to take loans from Matt Kirk when his casino, King’s Casino located in Rozvadov, which hosts World Series of Poker Europe, also has a poker room that is deemed to be the largest in Europe. He states that he was intoxicated and induced to play for higher claims. He had been tired and drunk and needed the dealer as well as Kirk to help him in counting the chips when they were playing at the Ivey’s Room. He misread the cards and continued to play till five in the morning due to which he played poorly and lost about three million in the game session.

Tsoukernik on the other hand, has filed a lawsuit against the club, stating that he was over served alcohol and that the other gamblers prevented him from leaving the room. Hence, Tsoukernik acted the way he did, playing poorly and acting under duress which led to the losses that he accumulated. Kirk initially wanted Tsoukernik to pay about one million, but he now seeks to destroy his reputation as a gambler as well by filing for defamation.