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At the start, after the first day of the WPT (World Poker Tour) Vienna, 179 poker players were qualified for the second day out of 398 players. Among the participants in the second day, we saw some well known faces like Fabrice Soulier, Chris Moorman, Bertrand Grospellier, Sam El Sayed, Andy Frankenberger, Eugene Katchalov, David Vamplew and Jonathan Duhamel.

But at the day’s end, 112 players got out of the championship. Thus Fabrice Soulier, Samuel Chartier, Farza Jaka, Bertrand Grospellier, Gilbert Diaz, Michel Abecassis, Andy Black, Aubin Cazals, Jonathan Duhamel, Ludovic Lacay, Davidi Kitai, Nicolas Cardyn, Rebecca Gerin, Michael Tureniec, Sam El Sayed and Dominik Nitsche will not be among 67 poker players who were qualified for the next level.

With a deal of 483000 chips, Morten Christensen is the chip leader; followed by Chris Moorman with 411500 chips, Tristan Wade with 395500, Darko Stojanovic with 354000, Gerald Karlic with 353500, Benjamin Wilinofsky with 260000, Anthony Ghamrawi with 333000, Jurgen Reicht with 332000, Marius Pospiech with 270000 and Norbert Szécsi with 313000 who ended the top ten in the day’s chip count.

Other poker pros like Darko Stojanovic, Benjamin Wilinofsky, Jurgen Reicht, Andre Akkari, Marius Pospiech, Eugene Katchalov, Andy Frankenberger, Anthony Ghamrawi, Norbert Szécsi, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Roberto Romanello, Marvin Rettenmeier, David Vamplew and Anton Wiig are still in the pack for the title as well as the 1st prize of $ 410000. To add to the survivor’s delight of the day who will carry on playing poker, the World Poker Tour Vienna will offer forty-five places in the sum along with a minimum payout of $ 8855 that means that twenty-two players will not come in receive payment.