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Sam Stein was 23 years old when he got featured on the cover of the popular Card Player Magazine.

The magazine was offered online as well and was a huge hit among the fans of Sam Stein as well as the poker game fans. He was the contender for the Card Player of the Year in 2011. In his short career, Stein was able to win $3.9 million playing poker. This was a great achievement for a newcomer to the poker world.

Sam Stein is from Hidden Hills in California State and was very successful in the 2011 WSOP event during the summer. He won the first bracelet of his career in the $3,000 pot limit Omaha event. Stein did not have any inhibitions to face the camera for the very first time and to pose for the cover of the Card Player Magazine. He finished third in the $10,000 pot-limit Hold’em event and the year 2011 was a very good year for him on all counts.

Stein had to do a little bit of adjustment to get on top of the game and to move in the right direction. He said then that it was one of the moments where everything went as per plan and whatever he did was rewarding. He did not want to divulge too much about the changes that he had made, but said that he had made a few changes to better his game play.

There is a lot of balancing act to be done and also plenty of guesswork that must be done in order to get the better of the other players. He would be doing calculations in his mind as to who will be making the call when Stein bluffs for value and would also try to guess the players who will fold when he is bluffing.