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The Italian poker player Luigi Shehadeh was very happy to win the 888Live Barcelona Open just before the World Series is set to begin.

Shehadeh is still very young in his poker career, but that did not stop him from winning the crown at the 888Live Barcelona event. This was the last big poker event to take place in Europe before the World Series and the Italian was happy to grab the 888Live trophy.

It looks like Shehadeh is at the peak of his poker form. It was just a month ago that overturned the challenge of 2500 players at the Campione Casino. Now, he has won the 888poker title at the Gran Casino de Barcelona. This is the 3rd festival of the 888Live Series and even though it was not the largest event of the series, it still had its wow moments.

The level times saw an increase from 45 minutes to an hour from Day 1 to Day 2 and it was a big tournament to play when it came to the final table. There were 25 players remaining on the final three tables and the game got very interesting. The table dynamics changed and so many players in the tournament were taught that it became very difficult for the players to win or lose the chips. The time played a major role at the final table and players went from 9 to 4 within 45 minutes.

Cate Hall ended the tournament in the 4th place as she was not able to hold on to Shehadeh’s K-T with an A-6. Shehadeh from then on was a clear favorite to take the title as he had a bigger chip stack than the other two remaining players – Carlos Rodriguez and Jose Gonzalez. He first eliminated Gonzalez and his heads-up with Rodriguez lasted for about 30 minutes. With a chip advantage, Shehadeh was hard to beat.