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The full name of Sam Stein is Samuel Sam Stein. He is a professional poker player from America. This particular poker player is from Los Angeles. Sam stays is Henderson which is situated in Nevada. This young player has become quite popular within a very few days of poker career. The main reason behind his success is his passion towards the game of poker. In the list of World Series Poker Player for the year 2011, the name of this particular player came among the leading positions. In this particular year of 2011, Sam was successful in achieving the first World Series Bracelet of Poker of his career. In this tournament he was quite successful in reaching the final tables and made into third positions in money finishes.

Sam Stein has finished in money category within $10,000 in both the World Series championship that took place in the year 2011 and 2010. Till date, Sam has taken part in eight World Series Poker Championship cashes. In these eight events, Sam was quite successful to enter the pot limit events in the last five events of the championships. In many big tournament events Stein hardly got the first place position but, many a time he was successful enough for achieving the second place position. In one of the Poker event that took place on 13th April, 2010, Sam was rivered by Jason Mercier for two time times consecutively. Sam has achieved $1 million in the Poker Stars Caribbean event. In this particular he came I the fourth position and this prize money is said to be the highest of his career. In WSOP bracelet event that took place in the year 2010, among the other players, Sam Stein is said to be one of the popular bets. Though he was successful in finishing the money for three times yet he failed to achieve the bracelet in this particular event of 2010. In the event of 2010, he won total prize money of around $44,010. The online poker ID of this young player is King Kobe MVP. Sam is a very popular online poker player. He has made many large wins particularly in the online poker tournaments. He takes part in both big and small poke events that take place through online poker system.

Sam Stein was born in the year 1988 and is very young poker player. He has two nicknames which are Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars.