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Jonathan Duhamel is basically from Boucherville, Canada. He has dropped his one year to be professional poker player.

He has started playing poker in 2006. He has not played very well in 2010. His graph is not best. But he is not consistent player. His graph is showing that he has down his performance. He has not played professionally because of this effects comes on his graph and he consistently he is going down. He has won $12,707,338 casino winnings in his total career. Career title won 4, 63 career cashes he has won,

In the poker player of the year he has placed at 276 rank and total points was 480 points and winnings was $116,738. He has played in every series like World Series of poker, world poker tour, and European poker tour. In World Series of poker player $9,730,081 total 20 cashes he has won; he has gone through 5 final tables. He has won one bracelet in this series in 2010. In World poker tour total winnings was $81,202 4 cashes he has won, and gone through 1 final table. In European poker tour $129,435 total 5 cashes he has won.

Recently he has played on 15thApril 2015. It was World poker tour series the game type of this tour was No Limit Six Max he was placed at 7th from 125 players. Total winnings were $9,775. Prize pool was $250,000 and buy-in was $2200.Top cash match was he played on 6th Nov 2010. It was World Series of player which is main event of the series. It was 41st annual series. He was placed at 1st rank from 7319 participants. He has won $8,944,138 winnings and points he has gain was 3600. Prize pool of this series was $68,798,600, and buy-in of this series was $10,000.