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Freeway City, a brand new documentary, will be released on 23rd Nov, for free online via Vimeo.

The docu-feature, which was directed and produced by Max Votolato, deals with on Gardena, California and also backs the city’s heyday as a nightlife mecca as well as self- titled “Poker Capital of The World”.
To be more specific, the documentary tells the untold tale of Ernie Primm who, in 30’s, saw a loophole in the law letting poker to be played in a legal way outside the city limits of Los Angeles. The movie is ninety minutes long and it is broken into sixteen parts.
Speaking to a leading website, Votolato told that he was always fascinated with Los Angeles. Growing up, he read every book and magazine he could find about Los Angeles as well as Southern California. He was inspired by Mike Davis’ book City of Quartz as well as David Rieff’s Los Angeles: Capital of the Third World and he was looking for an original LA story to tell.

Votolato, who is originally from South London, studied film at the London College of Communications in the United Kingdom. Since then he had fagged his whole career working on movies as well as TV programs. He also worked as documentarian and Director of Video Operations for TV industry legend Michael King’s “All American Heavyweights” boxing firm, and recently worked as Unit Manager on Fox television series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.