Canyon High School Football Will Be Benefited With Poker

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The adults in the age of 21 as well as older are invited to come and play the real Las Vegas style poker tournament at the Sand Canyon Country Club. The event is going to take place in the coming month. The annual advantage for the football team of Canyon High School includes a tri-tip dinner with the chefs at the golf club, including the prizes and payouts for the final 15 players.

The tournament name is Real Texas Hold’em Poker and it will be held on Saturday that is February 24, at 7 p.m. In the event the check-in, beverages and dinner will start at 5:30 p.m., and a not obligatory basic clinic of poker playing is offered from 4-5 p.m. at the cost of $20.

All the poker tables in the event will be manned by professional dealers, and the annual tournament of this year will include large payouts for three players who will finish at the top three positions. In the event, the first prize is a Gold Krugerrands; the second prize is 2.2-lb. bar made up of pure silver, and the third prize is a $500 iPad, which is refundable at any Apple Store.

The ticket for the event is available and it can be purchased at the cost of $95 and the ticket is inclusive of buy-in the tri-tip buffet dinner. The tickets of annual event sell out completely every year. So don’t do delay in buying it. For the event, the table sponsorships as well as the table purchases are also available.  The Sand Canyon Country Club (SCCC) is located at 27734 Sand Canyon Road in Canyon Country. You can buy your tickets for the event from here or from its website which is www.CowboyFootball.Org. More information about the event can also be collected from here.