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Sunday Million has been a favorite of online poker players for long. It is a regular and a weekly event that is hosted every Sunday and allows players to win large sums of prize money. The tournament was launched way back in March 2006 and today it is considered one of the prestigious online poker events to be associated with. There are usually more than 3,000, 000 entries seen every week, which is unique and about five hundred players emerge as champions. With players coming in from different parts of the world, the top prizes surpass amounts like $100,000 and prestigious titles are also won that hold weight in the world of professional poker.

The coming weekend will see the first version of Sunday Million being hosted live. The buy in amount is retained at €215 and there is a guaranteed one million in prize pool money. The live venue would be at King’s Casino on September 3rd which is located at Rozvadov in Czech Republic. Those who enjoy playing the game online will still be able to do so from their home computers. Some will qualify to play in the live rounds as well. There are some helpful tips that have been given by pro players of PokerStars in order to help other players know what to expect in a live online tournament and what playing strategies they should use.

For instance, Bertrand Grospellier or Elky states that multitasking skills would be required as well as patience and mental strength to endure through the games. Andre Akkari on the other hand states that, mind control as well as aggression would be necessary. Many people like to be passive and those who are in control put others in a position of disadvantage. Most experts also concede that online games include high volumes and one will find themselves in different situations. One should not be affected and simply stay focused, realizing that bad beats are inevitable outcomes.

New championships and festivals are lined up as part of the live tournament schedule on PokerStars.

For those who are regulars and enthusiasts in online poker, there is much to look forward to at the PokerStars platform. There would be a radical change in the live events that the site has planned.

Tours such as LAPT and EPT would be consolidated. As Day 2 of European Poker Tour Barcelona event was about to start, PokerStars stated that for the next year the live events will become restructured. They will become part of PokerStars Festivals and PokerStars Championships. The championship that is scheduled for the first part of next year will be in the Bahamas which will be held from Jan 6th to 14th 2017. It is being rebranded as PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The championships will last for the duration of 10 to 11 days and will end with a Main Event. The destinations that are confirmed for the championships next year are Panama, Macau, Monte Carlo, Barcelona and others.More Link

Poker has undergone evolutionary and revolutionary changes since its advent centuries ago. Rarely have the international poker circuits been without a US player at the table. The US boasts multifarious poker professionals who have enabled it to be the trailblazing leader in the casinos. More Link

What do you think when you wish to spend time leisurely? It is the only option which can be playing games as every individual wishes to spend time like this. There is no doubt at all. In such cases, when you think of choosing a game, it can be anything, yet a game like Poker is really challenging to play so. When you think in such options, you can choose playing poker, as it’s the handling of the cards. You need to master the skill to know how to play it so. Allen is one such professional who knows the ins and outs of the game.

Allen Cunningham turns out to be the professional poker player from America, who is knowable for holding 5 bracelets. Born in 1977, Allen attended civil engineering, later he gradually learnt the art of playing Poker professionally. By 18, he started playing the game Poker at casinos, especially Indian types of casinos. Allen turned as the member of Team Full Tilt in 2006. By 2005, Allen earned the title of being ESPN player of the year. The player was given the vote of being the best professional player below the age of 35.

Best player below 35:

Allen joined the team of winning the bracelet in consecutive years for three times, after finishing by the year 2007, it was his very 5th bracelet. It includes 5 more members excluding Allen to join this team. The bracelets which Allen accumulated by winning the main event of World Series of Poker includes 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006 and by the year 2007. The player’s nickname is Clever Piggy, whereby he resides at California. By the year 2007, Allen has won his 5th bracelet by playing against David Singer which is the heads-up battle too. He has made 47 money finishes yet he is to make the EPT title.

Amir Lehavot was born in America. He is professional player of poker. He started playing poker in 2006.He cashed first time in poker tournament of 2007. He finished in 13th place of Hold’Em event and earned cash prize of $1,330 In that event. In 2007, he finished in 8th place of Gold Rush event and he earned cash prize of $2750 in that event. In 2008, he finished in 3rd place of Annual Battle poker tournament and earned cash prize of $4,640 in that event. He finished in 39th place of World poker tour Shooting stars tournament in 2009 and he earned cash prize of $12,500 which is his first cash prize in World poker tour tournaments. In 2009 he finished in 226th place of WSOP Hold’Em event and earned cash prize of $32,963 in that event.

Amir Lehavot played all types of poker tournaments. He travelled all around the world to play live poker tournaments. Amir Lehavot finished in 3rd place of Gold Rush poker tournament in 2009 and he won cash prize of $24,650 in that event. In 2010, he finished in 54th place of Deep stack poker tournaments and he earned cash prize of $4,166 in that event. In 2010, he finished in 448th place of WSOP Hold’Em event and earned cash prize of $31,647 in that event. Again in 2010, he finished in 2nd place of open Bay poker tournament and won cash prize of $10,000 in that event.

In 2011, he finished in 7th place of Hold’Em event and earned cash prize of $20,960 in that event. In 2011, he finished in 4th place of World poker tour tournament and earned cash prize of $421,680 in that event. In 2011, he won WSOP pot limit Hold’Em tournament and earned cash prize of $573,456 in that event. In 2013, he finished in 3rd place of WSOP main event and earned cash prize of $3,727,823 which is his highest earned cash prize in poker tournaments. In 2014, his total of winning cash prize becomes more than $5,423,041.

Poker has many far reaching rewards for those players who imbibe strategies at an earlier age. Once a player has advanced tactics and internalized the winning nitty-gritty, those who with insurmountable aptitude launch themselves to get laudable finishes for whopping amounts of cash while building up on their reputation in the game. Michael Mizrachi is from the US, Florida and plunged into the murky waters of poker while young and builds up on his skills to get epoch-making wins and finishes at poker events organized at the international level. His first place win at the LA Poker Classic WPT Main Event saw him take home $1,859,909 prize money. However, there are other astounding accomplishments worthwhile in his resume.

At the fore, during the 2013 European Poker Tour Season 10, he placed 16th, earlier that year he had finished 473rd at the WSOP NLHE Event 62, earning $7,720 and $24,480 respectively at both events. He also performed quite well at the 44 WSOP, 2013 Seven-card Stud and raked in $43,188. In 2014, he tried to win the WSOP NLHE 8-Handed unsuccessfully; he ranked 44th and got $11,141. Apparently, his first position at the Live Tournaments NLHE Ultra Deep Stack, is his best, he took $22,017 for this event. The WSOP has numerous circuits annually; this has enabled him to keep on trying to get the highly elusive gold bracelet. Weighing his winnings at the internationally acclaimed events, he is at WSOP to get first place prize and whopping money prize.

As of 2014, he has been active as he has played at WSOP circuits and other international poker events where he has performed impeccably well. He emerged 16th at the Live tournaments International NLHE Lebanese where he got $3,939, was 8th at the Wynn Classic NLHE and got $1,183 and also took part at the WPT NLHE Championship where he ranked 10th to scoop $10,628.  With an array of winnings at different poker competitions, this player is highly determined to get more winnings; undoubtedly more breakthroughs in his career are in the offing.